Update removed priavcy option? Also undeleted pictures! - 3.6.11

Just updated to 3.6.11 - after the update there was a message about upgrading the rtmedia database and/or importing sizes (or something like that) Next day one of my users alert me that she no longer has an option to make her pictures private / for friends only/

She also tells me that she had deleted about 40 pictures that she had previously uploaded.. but now they are back on her profile, and without a privacy option.

Does the old version of rtmedia not really delete pictures when a user deletes them? Is there no more privacy option for our users?

What what the old version of rtMedia you were using? If you updated from below 3.0 then there are many changes we did till latest version. And yes, with latest version of update you must need to update database as per the alert.

thank you for the speedy reply!

I think it was 3.6.9 to 3.6.11 update… now a while back, maybe couple months, I used the old 2.8(?) version to import media from bp-album… and that had a long import / update size kind of thing… but we have upgraded the plugin several times since then with no issues… so I wonder if there was something left in the database tables from the old 2.8 import/update…

we could test this a couple ways maybe… I’d hate to see other people have this issue - it could get someone sued… undeleting a user’s deleted photos and making them public is not something I think anyone really wants to do…

So can you tell me, is the option to make pictures and or albums private for buddypress friends only no longer an option? It was an option in the 3.6.9 right?

I thought this plugin had an option to hide photos from the general public, non-logged in people, search engines, etc… but if you were registered in the buddypress and had accepted a friend request, then they could see media that others could not… this was an option I think right?

I hope the upgrade went successfully. Then it should not be any issue with latest versions.
Yes, rtMedia plugin has privacy options. so users can restrict their uploaded media to other users.