Update MariaDB


I notice the latest version of easyengine includes the update to 10.1 of MariaDB. However after running apt-get upgrade I still have version 10.0.22. What is the best way to update MariaDB to the latest version?


The best way is you don’t update it. You should run “apt-get upgrade” before you install EE.


If I already installed EE, is there any way to upgrade it?


Running apt-get upgrade doesn’t update the version after easy engine is installed which is what I was asking.


I think you shouldn’t update mariaDB. Let EE do it.


You’re not helping us with the question of upgrading the version after install. If there is a way to do this with easyengine please let us know.



Sorry for delayed reply.

We will be releasing next minor release to support upgrade for MariaDB.