Update from 2.x to 3.x caused me issues!

For those who are looking to upgrade, please know that the upgrade will change the links to your media... not only the activity link but even the image URL. It has caused me hours of work to fix broken image links in my forum as well as my site blog posts.

Same here the update has been the worst one for glitches that I have come across wish I had never updated! And support if any is very slow. My whole website is messed up and media files just don't show as being in existence.


Yes, the links have changed completely, because the earlier link system wasn't working well for the future of the plugin. We can only take into consideration a certain number of use cases.

Right now, each image has a unique restful URL, irrespective of whether BuddyPress is installed. As we roll out the documentation and reveal the behind the scene changes we've made in the code, I'm sure you'll appreciate our reasons.

Beyond that, the change in the image url was something that was often requested. We just moved every image to its respective user's or group's directory. We apologise for the inconvenience but it had to be done, sooner or later. We opted for sooner.


I agree, the initial release didn't work well on some servers, especially the migration part. However, we did fix it quickly. As and when bugs are being reported, we're fixing them.

Beyond that, I don't understand 'support if any is very slow'. We've been pretty reactive with our support here. If you could be more specific about what's messed up and post a url here, I'm sure we can fix that.

I appreciate that information. I know your changes were done carefully and methodically implemented. I did notice that the media is now filed by the user id, that is awesome! I am just glad that this change was made while I had less than 500 photos by members.