Update destroyed site


I just updated the plugin and received this error:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_FUNCTION in ...wp-content/plugins/buddypress-media/includes/bp-media-class-wordpress.php on line 397

The site wouldn't load and I wasn't even able to login through wp-admin. I had to manually delete the plugin with my FTP app in order to get the site back online. Just wanted to inform you about the bug incase others are affected.

same here. My site completely crashed. Glad it is not just me.

Current plugin works with PHP versions greater than 5.3. The error you are facing is because the line is having a syntax not supported by PHP versions less than 5.3. Update your PHP and then it will work fine.

Another update:

We did not know that so many people use old PHP versions.

We will ship a new minor release 2.2.1 within 48-hours to address this issue.

Update: Please update to new version 2.2.1. Its live now.

Sorry again for inconvenience.

Same thing happened to me… site went white, even the wp-admin. SO i came here and saw the note about PHP 5.3, and went to my server host (Hostgator) who showed me how to update just one of my virtual sites to 5.3 since they have both installed and available for any virtual. I simply added this .htaccess file to the web root of the one virtual to get it to see the 5.3:

AddType application/x-httpd-php53 .php

If any one has Hostgator, give this a shot! They rock!


Thanks for your tip. It will definitely help hostgator users. :slight_smile:

For now, we released a minor version 2.2.1 which addresses php 5. 2 incompatibility issue.

Can you have a look at this site and tell me why the media the thumbnail is getting cutoff. Also when the page loads to upload media you can briefly see the drop down menu for selecting where the media will be uploaded to, but after completing the loading process the drop down is hidden by the upload media menu. Kindly advise.


In you themes CSS file, from lines: 2072-2074 there are codes:

#item-body .item-list li {  
    list-style: none;  
    height: 36px;  

Its CSS which is hiding portion of thumbnails. Actual thumbnails are 150x150 as you can see here - http://wehattiesburg.com/files/2012/11/p1030324-small-150x150.jpg

Please fix your theme’s CSS.

Regarding upload issue:

I created an account on your site and managed to upload images: http://wehattiesburg.com/members-3/test286/albums/290/

Your theme is broken so while uploading, the dialog box which ask for correct album gets messed. Please fix your theme or test with BuddyPres default theme.

Also looks like you are using some other media-related plugin to attach files on activity-update box. It might create conflict as well.