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Sad to say but update command can’t be used for ee4 yet. I wanted to enable ssl for my website but I can’t. I have to delete and create it again to make the ssl works. :frowning:

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If your only problem is migration, and if your site is not too big, then you can use a plugin and migrate in a few minutes.

Yes sir, thank you for the plugin. But it’s easier before to enable/disable ssl in any of my sites using ee3 update command. I hope they include it in the next ee4 update.


@bredpit I saw it but “ee site update” is missing.

I’m having the same problem.

I usually setup my website without changing the DNS using the Hosts file instead. As letsencrypt need some DNS changes I used to install it after the website has been created using the update command in v3, Now that v4 doesn’t have that command I don’t know how I can add letsencrypt after the website has been created.

It would be nice if we are provide some tutorial on how we can install letsencrypt with auto renewal after the website has been created.

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ee site update will be added soon.

Thanks for highlighting urgency.

@mriyam.tamuli added this to December roadmap https://github.com/orgs/EasyEngine/projects/4

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@rahul286 Thank you! :slight_smile:

@seyntjim - Now you can update non SSL site to SSL. Take a look at this - https://easyengine.io/blog/easyengine-v4-0-4-4-0-6-released/

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