Unknown --wpfc --php7 parameters


I’m trying to set up a WordPress website with DigitalOcean, Nginx and LetsEncrypt through a YouTube guide. The command I’m supposed to run is: sudo ee site create example.com --wpfc --php7 --letsencrypt

However, this gives me the following parameter errors:
unknown --wpfc parameter
unknown --php7 parameter

I understand that these are now outdated, but how do I achieve the same result using a new command? What command do I use?

I already checked that page. It does give commands for LetsEncrypt, but not an alternative for wpfc and php7 as far as I can tell?

Okay, so if I understand correctly:

sudo ee site create example com --type=wp --php --cache --letsencrypt


sudo ee site create example com --wpfc --php7 --letsencrypt ?