Unanswered rtMedia Pro support questions

Last few rtMedia support requests have gone unanswered. I don’t even get an email saying they have been received, although my wordpress backend says they have been sent. Is something broken?

Can you give me your email ID which you have used for premium support.


Hi Ray,
Can you make a reply on the support request you had created or you can create a new support request if needed. I couldn’t find any recent support request came from email ID mentioned above.

OK, send a new one.

A green box says

Thank you for posting your support request.

We will get back to you shortly.

Hi Ray,
We didn’t get any support request from your email id in last two days. There seems to be some problem. Can you tell me here what’s the issue you are facing?

Hi Ritesh, I have two things I need help with.

  1. What’s the best way to remove the rtMedia shortcode button from displaying in the TinyMCE editor on the frontend. I use BBPress forums with visual editor showing for my users. There is a rtMedia button there, it does nothing but may confuse my users. I can hide it with CSS display:none, is this the best way to remove the button?

2)When I pin an rtMedia photo from the light box social Pinterest button it pins a small thumbnail sized photo, not good for Pinterest, I would like it to choose the largest size photo.

Thanks Ray

Hi Ray,

  1. Use this code to remove rtMedia shortcode button in your theme’s functions.php file.
add_filter( 'mce_buttons', 'rtmedia_pro_remove_short_code_register_buttons' );  

function rtmedia_pro_remove_short_code_register_buttons( $buttons ) {  
        $buttons = array_diff($buttons, array('rtmedia_pro_short_code'));  
	return $buttons;  
  1. There isn’t any filter available right now in rtMedia-PRO. We will add it in future update using what you can change image size to large.


Glad to know that your queries has been resolved.