Unable to upload media to groups/unable to crop group default image


Im unable to upload photos to groups. I am also unable to to crop the group default image. http://www.allfaulkedup.com i have tried disabling plugins one at a time and also tried default themes still a no go. if you need any more information please let me know. Thanks.


Can you please check with default wordpress themes (2015 or 2014) ? I guess the current theme is not supporting. Or you can try to add this CSS .media-body {overflow: auto !important}


Thank you for your reply. I have tried a default theme and also disabled plugins one at a time. I tried the css as well still won’t let me upload through the computer. On mobile it seems to work

It should work. Please try again by clearing server and browser cache.
Media upload in group and members profile is one of the best feature in rtMedia, it must work without any problem. :slight_smile:

Check this screenshot, once disabled css, the media tab and page scrolling works fine.

Thank you for your reply and i appreciate your help is there a guide or a forum i can reference on how to fix that css and clearing server cache? Thank you