Unable To Setup LetsEncrypt After Migration

Hi Guys,

I recently moved from one VPS to another. Both are unmanaged. I am now using Linode. I am trying to run this line on a fresh installation of EE. My nameservers have also been redirected to Linode before I started installing and setting up my website.

root@geeksultd:~# sudo ee site create geeksultd.com --wpfc --php7 --letsencrypt

Once I run that, I get an error Do you wish to enable SSl now for geeksultd.com? Type “y” to continue [n]:y Please Wait while we fetch SSL Certificate for your site. It may take time depending upon network. Unable to setup, Let’s Encrypt Please make sure that your site is pointed to same server on which you are running Let’s Encrypt Client to allow it to verify the site automatically.

Once I started looking into the log, it says Command Error: Saving debug log to /var/log/letsencrypt/letsencrypt.log Plugins selected: Authenticator webroot, Installer None Obtaining a new certificate Performing the following challenges: http-01 challenge for geeksultd.com http-01 challenge for www.geeksultd.com Using the webroot path /var/www/geeksultd.com/htdocs for all unmatched domains. Waiting for verification… Cleaning up challenges Failed authorization procedure. geeksultd.com (http-01): urn:acme:error:unauthorized :: The client lacks sufficient authorization :: Invalid response from http://geeksultd.com/.well-known/acme-challenge/htRhP2kBHB6utKqjSYxWGJ9b4tvBpjEsJ39QA5tNpSs: "

404 Not Found

404 Not Found

", www.geeksultd.com (http-01): urn:acme:error:connection :: The server could not connect to the client to verify the domain :: DNS problem: SERVFAIL looking up A for www.geeksultd.com

Any help would be appreciated.


You have the answer to your problem: there is no www entry in your DNS.