Unable to save settings - 404 on BP media tab

I had deactivated and deleted rtmedia. I re-instal and now I’m unable to save the settings. Buddypress media tab gives and 404 page and media won’t upload.

  • I have re-save permalinks

  • I have deactivated al blugins but BP and rtmedia

  • I have deleted the db references for rtmedia (its tables, WP-options etc.) and reinstalled the plugin

Nothing helps. What can be the root cause of such an issue? I have a duplicated test site with the same plugins and there it runs fine.

I found the issue. Super cache option (use object cache to store cached files) in combination with memcached. Deactivated this option, a couple of php/apache/memcached daemon restarts, cleanup of memcached files, and rtmedia works fine again.

Hello @giorgos,

We are glad to know that you figured out the cause of issue.