Unable to mysql database


I am having problem creating a database for my wordpress install…

Downloading Wordpress [Done] Enter the MySQL database name [zingermg_com]: zingermg Enter the MySQL database user name [zingermg_com]: zingermg Enter the MySQL database password [1BWOe4YGZFtbq6k]: Setting up database Oops Something went wrong !! Calling cleanup actions … ’ee_mysql_grant_host’ root@easyengine:~#


are you trying to configure remote mysql setup?

no… i want to migrate my existing wordpress site, so am trying to the database

i followed this guide https://rtcamp.com/easyengine/docs/site-migration/

Hello @iamkingsleyf

Could you please provide output of the following command:

cat /etc/ee/ee.conf



Hello @iamkingsleyf

Could you please edit the following file

vim /etc/ee/ee.conf


db-name = True

db-user = True

Note : " True " with Capital “T”

Also could you please run following command:

ee site delete example.com -f

replace example.com with your site name


Try to run previous site create command again. Please confirm here again if error still persist.


during the site creation can i install cache or just the wp?


yes you can install cache.

thanks, let me try.

everything is different from how my site is site up,

this is very confusing.

please how can i configure caching after site is setup? i need to try a different approach