Unable to make the plugin work

Hi, I'm unable to make the plugin work correctly. Homepage is redirected fine: Blogger: http://spinettabootlegs.blogspot.com.ar Wordpress: http://www.spinettabootlegs.com.ar

But when it comes to posts, I get an error message. Check this: http://spinettabootlegs.blogspot.com.ar/2009/12/spinettapaez-presentacion-la-la-la_31.html

I attached the code generated by the plugin that I've pasted in blogger.

Thanks in advance for youe assistance. regards.

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Which hosting server you are using? Seems like the mod_rewrite security issue, please get in touch with the hosting company they may help you on this.

Also I can see that the home URL http://www.spinettabootlegs.com.ar/ is giving 403 forbidden error. See the attached image.


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