Unable to install php7.0-fpm


I am trying to install NGINX using the EE repository here https://software.opensuse.org/download.html?project=home%3ArtCamp%3AEasyEngine&package=nginx

After installing however I am unable to install php7.0-fpm and php7.0-mysql.

Any ideas.

My aim is to also install Mariadb on a external server which I connect to also.

Are you trying to use only Nginx from EE? Why?

(Sorry if I don’t answer your doubt, but I really didn’t get your point to start thinking of your problem.)


Sorry I am not installing EE. I am only installing NGINX. Just using the repository from EE as it has more packages and is more up to date then just apt-get.

I am trying to setup 3 servers. 1 hosting a mariadb database and 2 NGINX load balance with PHP7 and REDIS.

Janio, by default and unfortunately, EE do not allow another repository to nginx - stable only and I don’t know why rtCamp removed the nginx-mainline as I suggested before (in fact, only few months till stable version with http2 support), nor uses a Launchpad repository.

Did you have tried it before?

ee stack upgrade (or purge) --whatyouwant

–php | --php7 | --nginx | --all


ee stack remove --web


ee stack install --web


I am not using EE. I judged wanted to use their package to install NGINX so it had all the modules I required. I figure it out. Thanks