Unable to get the Tagging work

In http://demo.rtcamp.com/rtmedia/ I am unable to get the Tagging work I am using latest Firefox, and I can see the tagging cursor but whenever I try to drag and draw a square, the pictures goes away, and tagging can never be done.

Do others have any similar experience with Taggging, in latest FF, in the demo http://demo.rtcamp.com/rtmedia/?theme=Twenty%20Fifteen


I see what is happening. Usually you are able to click and draw a square in Tagging - that is the usual tagging behavior in all social sites. Here ( or with latest FF) you just click and a square appears. Just click. You cannot resize the square. Also, tagging other words like mountain, rose, yellow etc are not possible! Only names.

May be the devs should look into these two issues: Tagging on many sites allows names, friends name, as well as arbitrary words eg red, happy, blue etc Tagging allows you to drag and resize the square.

One more suggestion : Maybe this Tagging should be bundled with the Pro, as others like Mediapress, and Buddypics are coming with tagging inbuilt (also buddyboss media $29, with albums and tagging)


Hello @rosyteddy,

Photo tagging will only allow friend’s names for tagging. We are not yet having any road-map for arbitrary words and for drag-resize the square.

For drag and re-size the square in tagging, you can add your idea at https://rtcamp.com/products/rtmedia-photo-tagging/

Thank you for your all suggestions.