Unable to Delete or Edit a Group Album?


Hey there,

I have searched high and low within the demo site, my installation, and on the forum, but cannot figure out how to edit or delete group albums. Are we unable to delete group albums?!

Please advise ASAP. Many thanks.


@jaemaz - Unfortunately this isn't present at the moment. We are in the process of rectifying this and it should be done soon enough.

If you are a developer and are willing to submit a patch for the same you could do so by sending a pull request to the rtMedia GitHub repo


Thanks for the response @joshuaabenazer. I am shocked that this is an issue. This is a major flaw in the product. It is unfathomable to me that this product would be released with the ability to create group albums, but not edit or delete them. WOW. I don't currently have development resources available to work on improving your product, but I shouldn't have to spend additional time and money to install functionality that should be in there by default— especially since I have purchased a pro license, spent a number of hours finding and reporting bugs for you guys, AND figuring out workarounds for those bugs within my implementation.


@jaemaz - We are already onto this and it should be rectified soon. Sorry for the inconvenience it has caused you. As told earlier we are working on improving this plugin step by step.

The product rtMedia-PRO, which you have purchased isn't advertised with this feature in the first place. Such basic features are part of the free version.

I guess we must have missed it during the rtMedia 3.0 refactoring ( http://rtcamp.com/news/getting-ready-for-rtmedia/, http://rtcamp.com/news/release-rtmedia-30-wordpress-buddypress-bbpress/)

Also the "sending a pull request" was just a suggestion. Be rest assured that we will definitely be adding the group edit feature soon ourselves.

Thanks for your time and contribution.


This issue was resolved with version 3.2.5. Thanks @joshuaabenazer and the rest!