Unable to create WordPress tables ... easy engine 2.0.1


Hi, I have a couple of VPSs on Digitalocean.com. The installation of easyengine was always a piece of cake. Now I’m installing an new VPS and since a day I’m fighting with it. Whenever I try to install wordpress I get this:

“Unable to create WordPress tables for website.com, exit status = 1”

The version of of my easy engine installation is: 2.0.1

the steps I took:

  1. fresh install droplet with: Ubuntu 14.04 x64

Logged in as root

  1. apt-get upgrade
  2. ufw allow ssh
  3. ufw enable
  4. curl -sL rt.cx/ee | sudo bash
  5. ee system install
  6. ee site create website.com --wp

The installation breaks …

Let me know if you can help…

Regards, jaroslav


Hello gladiador

Its seems like you are using old way to install EasyEngine (ee)

curl -sL rt.cx/ee | sudo bash

Please refer: https://github.com/rtCamp/easyengine#quick-start

Also set your email address in /etc/easyengine/ee.conf file to resolve your issue.


tnx for quick response :slight_smile:
Well, I have reinstalled easyEngine following:

wget -qO ee rt.cx/ee && sudo bash ee
ee stack install
ee site create example.com --wp

yet I get the same problem.

“Unable to create WordPress tables for testing.com, exit status = 1”

I did enter my email in the /etc/easyengine/ee.conf now.

ee site delete testing.com --no-prompt  

Create A new site:

ee site create testing.com --wp  

If you still face the issue please give us output of following command

cat /etc/easyengine/ee.conf  
mysql -e "show databases;"  
ls /var/www/  
cat /var/log/easyengine/ee.log  


Well, deleting a website works nicely. Creating a website also works well.

I have installed a test domain and am waiting for the wordpress installation to kick in… morethanpro.nl
It takes too long… I don’t know whats happening, but it maybe digitalOcean having problems.

Thanx so much for your help.


It seems like network connectivity issue while downloading wordpress. I hope your site morethanpro.nl working fine. Let me know if there are any issues.


Oke, got everything working. It was the firewall… Tnx so much for you assistance.