Unable to create site in subfolder

After doing a fresh install of EE tonight I first installed a base site then attempted to create a subdomain and subfolder.

If I run ee site create example.com/site then easy engine will run but the site it creates is example.comsite (no forward slash.)

Additionally if I attempt to make abcd.example.com it seems to create it without issue but the site is not accessible.

You are following wrong format to create site with subdirectory.

To create site with subdirectory, EasyEngine has command ee site create example.com --wpsubdir Refer docs for more detail.

Hey thanks for getting back to me.

According to the docs that will make a multisite with sub directory. I only want a separate non-multisite install in the subdirectory.


You can not do that with EasyEngine, you need to do that manually.

Thanks, it used to be possible so I assumed it was a bug. Any ideas why site.example.com is no longer working?

Scratch that. I restarted all services and now site.example.com is now working.

Hello @stuffexchange

Glad to know problem is resolved. I am closing this support topic for now. Feel free to create a new support topic if you have any queries further. :slight_smile: