Unable to create folder /gitolite/

Hi guys,

I am movin to another server and I want to reinstall the module. I am stuck at this step “Final Gitolite setup / Unable to create folder /gitolite/” I guess it’a a permission issue but I have no idea where to look (location of the new folder activecollab folder/git/work?) nor which user should have write access.

Any idea?

Thank you

I have restarted the setup process, now everyhthing as fine but I cannot create repositories, it is saying “repository path on server invalid”.

@ateliermedia Please go to Administration -> GitoliteSetting, and check Admin Path is set properly ( it will something like <ac_path>/work/git/gitolite/gitolite-admin/ and path exist on server.

It can be a cache issue, you can clean cache on server then try again. (restart nginx/apache server and fpm also if you are using )

Let me know if it fixed your issue.

Thanks a lot Faishal, that solved the problem.

Glad to know that :slight_smile: