Unable to Connect Media Host Server?

please help.
I just downloaded new version of Media Component  (, previos was saying Fatal Error: getByIds).
But this version saying "Unable to Connect Media Host Server!"
I am using kaltura.com (http://www.kaltura.com in settings, as default)
WP 3.0.1 (in multisite mode), and BuddyPress
I tryed to "ping" kaltura.com with 
if (fsockopen("www.kaltura.com", 80, $errno, $errstr, 1)) echo "GOOD"; else echo "BAD";
if (fsockopen("corp.kaltura.com", 80, $errno, $errstr, 1)) echo "GOOD"; else echo "BAD";
if (fsockopen("cdnbakmi.kaltura.com", 80, $errno, $errstr, 1)) echo "GOOD"; else echo "BAD";
And i am getting GOODGOODGOOD. Maybe i need to test different ports or servers?

Hey gcoda,
Are you able to login with the same account on http://www.kaltura.com/index.php/kmc ??

If not, then try creating new account from http://corp.kaltura.com/about/signup . Its free account anyway;)

Yes I can, i copied ID from there. 

And with Debug mode i can see only few notices about Undefined offsetvarible.

And in PhpMyAdmin i see bp_rt_kaltura_secret and bp_rt_kaltura_admin_secret are set to my. I didn`t set them, somehow plugin can connect to server but only to some part ?
And i tested it with "Kaltura API Client" (kaltura-php5-client/test.php) from same server and it is returning some results, big array of stuff

Thanks Gcoda for update. I will fix it soon and post updates right here. :slight_smile:

You have successfully installed Media Pack

Unable to Connect Media Host Server!

Same problem here! what to do?

I am having the exact same issue. Latest WP, latest BP, latest Kaltura, and just created a new account for the first time. I put in the Partner ID, email, and password, with server URL as “http://www.kaltura.com” and I get:

<b>You have successfully installed Media Pack</b>  
        Unable to Connect Media Host Server!  


Any idea of a time line for when this glitch will be fixed? Any idea how I could fix it myself? Thanks!


I notice that when I go into the Kaltura Settings area in the BuddyPress dashboard, none of my saved login info is displayed.

I had already put in the Partner ID, Email, and Password, but those fields all come up empty.

Could it be as simple as that the info is never getting stored? Or more likely, stored but not retrieved?

Hi, noticed it’s been over a month and still not working. It’s a shame, because I think a lot of people will be trying to run this in multi-site mode. Hope the project isn’t dead? Thanks.

hi doug :wink: and jhon, this pb is from multisite configuration, simply add the plugin line settings in meta table for the principal site.
It should run like this.


Thanks, I will try.


What table name and field names are you referring to? I am trying, but I cannot find where to put the info.

I found a table from the main site that already has the info stored in it. The table’s name is wp_options.

However, the Kaltura system still says it cannot connect, and each time I bring it up in the Dashboard, it shows the Partner ID as blank…

Even though I have entered it many times, and the table (named above) has it stored. What am I missing?

I got the following by email from woot woot:

Please put your parameters in table %_sitemeta

INSERT INTO%_sitemeta(meta_id,site_id,meta_key,meta_value) VALUES

(’’, 1, ‘bp_rt_kaltura_url’, ‘http://www.kaltura.com’),

(’’, 1, ‘bp_rt_kaltura_partner_id’, ‘xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx’),

(’’, 1, ‘bp_rt_kaltura_subpartner_id’, ‘xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx’),

(’’, 1, ‘bp_rt_kaltura_cms_user’, ‘xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx’),

(’’, 1, ‘bp_rt_kaltura_secret’, ‘xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx’),

(’’, 1, ‘bp_rt_kaltura_admin_secret’, ‘xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx’),

(’’, 1, ‘bp_rt_kaltura_cms_password’, ‘xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx’);

I am trying it now.

That seems to have worked! I am now trying out the upload feature! Thank you!

I am also having this issue. I noticed that there has been given an answer to the problem, but I guess my question becomes Where is the  table %_sitemeta 

I’m thinking I would have to figure out how to use terminal on my mac, but i’m not that familiar w/ it. and would much rather just update it on the plugin php file itself. 

So my question becomes, which file is this? and where should the lines go?  Please help :slight_smile:

That table would be inside your MySQL database. If you have access to your MySQL database, usually via some type of admin software, you can edit the database’s contents that way.

If your WordPress install has a table prefix of, say, wp, then your table of the above name would be found with the complete name of wp_sitemeta.

Hope this helps.

Let me add that your hosting account is usually where you access the free admin software that allows you to edit your MySQL database.