Unable to clean opcache

I have a site create with flags --wpredis --hhvm --pagespeed

$>ee site info
Nginx configuration wp wpredis (enabled)
Pagespeed enabled
HHVM enabled
access_log /var/www/site/logs/access.log
error_log /var/www/site/logs/error.log
Webroot /var/www/site

the command

ee clean --all


Restart : memcached [OK]
Cleaning MemCache
Cleaning NGINX FastCGI cache
Cleaning opcache
Unable to clean opcache <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

ee stack install --admin

Hi, thanks for answering, but i have not installed opcache because I use hhvm and hhvm don’t uses opcache.

The problem,Imho, is that easyengine try clearing a cache without controlling if it is installed


It seems pagespeed did not play well with EE at the moment.

And IMHO pagespeed could increase the load on the server, cpu wise if you enable a lot of optimization. You could use autoptimize for minifying CSS/JS and WP Smush for image optimization.

If you disable pagespeed, you just have to run;

ee clean --redis

since memcached and fastcgi are not in use.

I never use WP Smush It for image optimizing for it is crap.

I rather use EWWW Image Optimizer: it does a great job, and do not depend on external webservices, all dependencies are installed along the plugin.

fastcgi is also active, is used as fallback of hhvm.

I use to, but stop using it after I discover it create unnecessary image sizes that fill the disk space. Had to clean them using regenerate thumbnail’s plugin. Also it leave a table in your DB after you deactivate and delete the plugin. Had to delete it manually.

However it’s still a great plugin for those who like to tinker with settings. I just prefer something simple.

You mean opcache in PHP-FPM, which is the fallback for HHVM. Fastcgi is not use when using --wpredis.

If your HHVM keep dying and you have to use PHP-FPM as fallback, you might want to look at pswatcher or monit to keep HHVM alive.

HHVM with PHP-FPM fallback will increase load time if HHVM is not running.

any tutorial link for how to keep HHVM alive using monit or else??

Check this thread