Un ordered list

Why when I make and unordered list does it change the font size and line spacing. I can't find this code anywhere in the CSS. Chrome inspect tells me its in the element style which means its somewhere in the HTML where is so I can please change it.

Hello rcmorris11, Can you please share the link?


I have checked the above link. There are some html issues in your code, once that has been fixed everything will fall into place.

well what are the HTML issues??? That is why I am posting a question in this forum.

Are you talking about "Where I Shop" widget?

No. http://www.bluemountainbelle.com/2013/04/18/test/ If I make a unordred list in the visual editor it looks fine. but the code in the text editor has actually changed to include

I can't find anywhere in the CSS that would cause this to change. When I publish the post the font in the unordered list is smaller than the regular font.

When I inspect the element in chrome. The Element Style says font-size: 14.44444465637207px line-height: 1.5

I do not want that to happen. I realize that element styles are inline styles so I am trying to find where in the HTML this is happening so I can stop it. The first unordered list has the element style causing the small font. The 2nd unordred list was made in the text editor and has super weird spacing. And no dots.

Hi rcmorris11, Your test link isn't working.