Type object 'EEVariables' has no attribute 'ee_hhvm_repo'


Trying to activate HHVM but I’m getting this error:

Adding repository for HHVM, please wait… type object ‘EEVariables’ has no attribute ‘ee_hhvm_repo’

The setup is done on a simple ubuntu digital ocean - 1 vCPUs - 1GB / 25GB Disk

Thanks for helping!

EE does not support HHVM anymore. Try PHP7 instead.

I still see it as an option in the info section, shouldn’t it be removed if it’s no longer supported?

Already on PHP7 - just looking to better optimize the speed.

A lot of things should be but are not. :slight_smile:

Of course you’d rather experiment yourself, but believe me: HHVM is not faster than PHP7. You are not losing anything.

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