Twitter doesn't like post names with a "%" in the end

First of all, great plugin!

Twitter doesn't like post names with a "%" in the end. It won't share the link to twitter.

Check my site, for example this post:

On posts with a name without the "%" it works fine.

I hope you can fix this.

No problem with the % anymore.

But… now there’s a problem with the “-”. It displays as follows on Twitter: “–”. It happens with the same post as the %:

Twitter post here:!/NoiZe/status/182444861700583424



Hi Mark,

Thanks again for bringing it to our notice. This is indeed a strange issue! Because, when we tested the plugin, the hyphen was represented as is, in its original decoded form.

Please let us look at it again and we’ll get back to you as soon as we fix it!

rtSocial Team

Any news?

Hi Mark,

We’re glad that you liked the plugin!

Thanks a lot for providing us with a live test case, you actually made us work a little harder on the url encoding and make it better!

We’re working on adding an improved support for special characters in the titles, and will let you know as soon we’re ready with it.

Stay tuned!

rtSocial Team

Thnx. I can help testing if you want.

Hi Mark,

We’ve released the new version, please update it now. It supports more special characters in the URLs / Titles.

Please test it and let us know!

rtSocial Team

Hi Mark,
Apologies for the time lapse.

We’re utterly surprised to see how the url encoding fails and been trying out ways to solve this, including a custom character to code mapping function. This issue is extremely critical to plugins functionality and its success and hence we’re looking into it as precisely as possible. But since we got some other commitments to fulfill, it is taking a little time to come out with a strong solution.

We’ll definitely let you know when we have an update!

rtSocial Team

Hi, just wondering if there will be an update soon?