Trying to import pictures, albums, and comments

From a unique site. Can someone please tell me exactly which tables and fields require entry for photos to work with rtMedia? I tried importing all of the information to what seemed like the right places but profiles in BuddyPress just hang after I make the import.


Hi @Britton_Pentakill,

Each media is nothing but WordPress attachments. There is an index media table named {wp_prefix}_rt_rtm_media in which all the media have entry and there is also associated entry in posts table with post type attachments. There is another media meta table named {wp_prefix}_rt_rtm_media_meta in which all the other information regarding media get stored.

You can check this doc -> which describes all the database table of rtMedia.

Shoot me an email (ben at wcvendors dot com). I wrote a plugin a few months ago to import pictures to rtMedia. It successfully imported over 200,000 pictures. It will not work for you out of the box because the database your importing from is surely different than the database I was importing from, however it’ll give you a great head start if your up for it. No charge, you can have the plugin for free, as long as you dont expect me to get it to work for you or provide any support on it at all. :smile:

I dont work for rtCamp, I’m just a happy customer of their products.