Try to Install Mailserver but FQDN?


im new to EE here, i managed to create 2 sites on my vps now.

but im trying to install the mailserver. when i run ee stack install --mail it prompts me for Enter FQDN.

if i have multiple domain say and

do i have to run the install twice and input 2 different fqdn?

and is the fqdn or

sorry im a little confuse.


Choose one and be happy. :slight_smile:

means i cannot have 2 different mailservers?

if i have 5 domains, i need to use 1 mailserver only?

No, it means you must chose one FQDN.

I am sorry, I don’t speak English enough to understand and/or explain anything about this matter.

so choose 1 FQDN

but all of my domains can have a mailserver right?

im quite confused on how it should be setup right now. lol