TRY the NEW 3.0.0 Version with a NEW Wordpress - BUDDYPRESS installation


Okay, now i have a brand new instalation from my wordpress and buddypress 3.5.2 and 1.7.3 on my test site. clear the database before - absolutly new

and now - the rtMedia install ...

But i can not get the site media .... not found error - can not upload pictures !!


It is a pain in the *, whatever it suppose to do it does NOT DO! at ALL


YES would be better - we should still wait for a NEW UPDATE of VErsion 3.0 urghhhh


@franksenftleben: Please take the following steps and let us know:

  1. Deactivate and activate the plugin.
  2. Visit Settings>Permalinks and just hit the save button once.
  3. Go back and check if everything starts working.
  4. If it doesn't send your site details to


Mhh, i try to do, make what you said : now i get the following error :

Warning: implode() [function.implode]: Invalid arguments passed in /kunden/198316_10247/fotofinden/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/buddypress-media/app/main/controllers/template/rt-template-functions.php on line 641  


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Could you replace that file with this one, here:

Or better still, pass on the admin details in a private reply here or send it to



if(!empty($global_albums)){ if(is_array($global_albums)){

Why not simply use

if(!empty($global_albums) && is_array($global_albums)) { instead of the double nested if else statement...



We found that we couldn't create a table on your server. We used a hack to create a table on the test site you had provided and the migration could be completed. We are adding a table creation check in the code and will release an update in the next few hours.

@ others: Could you check if {wp_prefix}_rt_rtm_media and {wp_prefix}_rt_rtm_media_meta tables are created.



if you have access to the site, u have access to all its files.. (as admin) global $wpdb; $table_name = "your-table-name-here"; if($wpdb->get_var("SHOW TABLES LIKE '$table_name'") != $table_name) { //table is not created. you may create the table here. }


This reply has been marked as private., however my guess is a bunch of people got that user shukla info in there mails like me!

"This is my Testsite - not for the puplic i set you as administrator and here are the login datas Site: etc.. etc..


i don´t know when i use mysql and try to create 2 new tables in the database, there is a question about how many collums ???

shukla - i wrote you a new email and give you another login to my site, because ONLY you can go inside and look arround - i hope you get a new update



My website homepage is Now, what happened with me as I mentioned, is that migration halted in the middle of the process. I can't seem to get rid of that process, even if I delete the plugin completely, and then re-install. Then some funky stuff started happening with my Twitter follow buttons on my site's blog page (they disappeared and left //), so I removed its code. And, my s2amember badge which verifies that my site is safe secure, has disappeared. My site no longer is safe or secure. Not happy. if this is going to continue off and on with this plugin, it will be of no use to me. Which would be too bad, because the "concept" is great, but the implementation is not.


This is what my migration (still) looks like. I've attached a screenshot.

Attachment Link(s):


Try by changing (line 290) RtMediaMigration in plugins/buddypress-media/app/importers/RtMediaMigration.php if($delete_ids != "") $wpdb->query("delete from $wpdb->posts where ID in ({$delete_ids})"); to if($delete_ids != "") $wpdb->query("delete from $wpdb->posts where ID in ({$delete_ids})"); $stage = 3;

and this to line 299 $stage = 3; just before update_site_option("rtmedia-migration", $stage);


migrmn, I'll give it a go, and get back to you as to the results. Thanks so much!

Best regards,




The 3.0.1 update fixed the issue on your site. We completed the migration. Kindly confirm if everything seems fine.



migrm, on lines 297-299, the following is already there:

}else{ $stage =3; }

I'm going to see what happens now.


migrmn, for me it doesn't work. I get an error, and my site doesn't load.


No - not fine !

Yes, in my test-site, now the update 3.0.1 works a little bit but ...

  1. The Lightbox shows the portrait picture in landscape modus ( befor in the 2.6.1 Version works fine portrait=portrai / landscape=landscape

  2. Group Problem: When you loged in as a admin from the community (super-admin) you can create group-album AND load pictures up - BUT when you login as a normal user and create a group gallery , you can NOT upload pictures in it.

  3. When the Group rights are : privat or hidden, pictures shows in the normal activity - please stop this, because is to difficult to explane the user, they should set the privacy from a picture into a group to friend or privat.

    When you are a group member, and load pictures in a hidden or private group, you should thing that ONLY other useres in the group see this picture - not people who not in the group !!!!!