Trouble with adding comments to album

I use plugin as main post type of WP posts (for that i added support of editor field on rtmedia album post type registration).
Everything is okay when i add comment to post (which is rtmedia_album type) via Admin user, but when i trued add comment under Editor role i had a warning “Warning: Missing argument 2 for RTMediaProCommentForm::show_comment_attachments() in Z:\home\\www\wp-content\plugins\rtmedia-pro\app\main\controllers\media\RTMediaProCommentForm.php on line 80” and next redirect didn’t executed.

Is there any solution?

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Hi Philipp,
That’s strange. That function is nothing but a filter to “comment_text” which shows media attached to comments. Can you check it with other plugins disabled and with WordPress default theme?

I solved this problem by patching file: /rtmedia-pro/app/main/controllers/media/RTMediaProCommentForm.php

line 80: function show_comment_attachments($comment_text, $comment) {
changed to: function show_comment_attachments($comment_text, $comment = ‘’) {

I think you should check why filter ‘comment_text’ on which show_comment_attachments is bind passes only one argument to your function.

Hi Philipp,

That’s good. We will be adding this by default so that no other user can face this issue in future.