Trouble signing in - Restart when trying to Authorize Blogger Import

Hi I get problem authorizing Blogger importer tool. I get this message...

Trouble signing in

We were not able to gain access to your account. Try starting over.


We have saved some information about your Blogger account in your WordPress database. Clearing this information will allow you to start over. Restarting will not affect any posts you have already imported. If you attempt to re-import a blog, duplicate posts and comments will be skipped.

I am sure I have granted access using AuthSub in the google manage domain but still getting this.

Also I am using SwitchHost, can this be the cause? I plan to import everything first before changing the DNS records, that how it should work right?

Please help, thanks!

This might be the problem with Google Autho request, you need to retry it few more times. Make sure you are using latest WP version.

SwitchHost is not a problem for this issue.