It seems that in your releases, you are not packaging the latest versions of the translations available at

In particular, I have received old Hungarian files not including the translations I added before you released a couple of versions.

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Hi @oc2ps,

All the language files are updated. If you check this page: you will find there is not a single string remain waiting to be accepted. Can you just check once the strings that you have translated?


Since the time that I suggested GlotPress to Rahul, I think I have been the validator for Hungarian. So my problem is not that strings are pending validation.

My problem is that when you release rtMedia plugin to WordPress repo, you are not packaging the latest .mo from GlotPress.

That’s a neat interface, Ritesh… What software controls the language translations where people can contribute like that?

@illusionsglass It’s GlotPress

Thanks @oc2ps :slight_smile:

@riteshpatel Any updates?

Hi @oc2ps,

Apologies for the late reply, language file will be updated in next version of rtMedia.

Thanks @riteshpatel! Can you ensure that when you package new releases, you always include the latest .mo files?

Hi @oc2ps,

Yes, we will update .mo files in every update of plugin.