Translations Files Where to Share and Request PT

Hi there, I’ve just translate 70% of the rtmedia plugin to Portuguese, where can I share the file? Also I would like to translate the add-ons: rtmedia-restritions and rtmedia-myCred, where I can get the file with the strings to translate? Can you create Portuguese - PT to the add-on rtmedia myCred and to rtmedia Restritions, please.

Hello @Hanifa,

Thank you for your translation contribution to rtMedia. WordPress provides a way to translate plugins. You can contribute by translating strings for rtMedia - . Could you give us more information on how you have translated rtMedia, and if you have any translation files etc.?

Please follow the links below and login to translate rtMedia myCRED and rtMedia Restrictions addons to Portuguese (PT) respectively -

You will not need any file to translate these, as you can do it directly from the above links. Once they are completed, we will release the the translated versions of the plugins in the next update.

Let me know if you have any further doubts.


Joel Abreo