Translations doesn't work + other issues

Thanks for the great plugin.

However there’s still lots of work to do. The most important thing is that translations does not affect. And there’s not even all strings at po-file (i.ex. “All Photos”, “All Videos”… and so on…)

There’s also major problems with UI. With my configuration, this “Facebook-look-a-like” window does not render right. It’s too big, the name does not show and so on…

  1. How can I finally get it translated (few versions backwards worked fine, after that no effect)
  2. How can I fix UI?

Here’s a screenshot which can help.

An one another question. How can I change it so that it shows dates in finnish?

Hi @miikka,

For the translations, please checkout the this link

And for the lightbox, it looks like there is some conflict with rtMedia styles caused by your theme. Can you provide a link to your site?