Translation words


Hi guys,
in next version, could you allow translations for these words?

  • photo;
  • photos;
  • Photo;
  • Photos;

and this button:
“Add more files”.

Thanks in advance,


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Hi @sashanet,

Thanks for putting light on this issue.

That was a minor bug which has been fixed and will reflect in our next release.

You can also contribute in translation, please check this link for how to submit translations :


@abhishekkaushik Ok Abhishek, I’ll just have a bit of time, I will try to help for the translation in Italian!




Sorry guys but for these words “added a photo” and “There are no comments on this media yet” it is not allowed any translation. Could you fix this?

Thank you. Bye,



Hi Sashanet,

Those string are already added in for translation. For “added a photo” please check this link ->[term]=added+a&filters[user_login]=&filters[status]=current_or_waiting_or_fuzzy_or_untranslated&filter=Filter&sort[by]=priority&sort[how]=desc and for “There are no comments on this media yet” please check this link ->[term]=There+are+no+comments+on+this+media+yet&filters[user_login]=&filters[status]=current_or_waiting_or_fuzzy_or_untranslated&filter=Filter&sort[by]=priority&sort[how]=desc


For “added a photo” I click the link and I provided the translation. For “There are no comments on this media yet”, the translation in the link it’s ok, but in the plugin it remains in English.
Also after the translation with Codestyling Localization, the words “added a photo” and “There are no comments on this media yet” remains in English. Why?

Thank you


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Hi Sashanet,

It is because new translations will be updated in next update of rtMedia. If you are in hurry, you can export .mo file and replace it in your site.