Translation issues

Hi, i use rtMedia with the german language file. I translate all untranslated text in the .po and built the .mo file … uploaded this in the language folder of buddypress-media, nevertheless i have a lot of english text in frontend. For example:

Media Single Site (Lightbox) -> the word “under” on the top left between Image title and album Name Try to post comment without Content -> “Empty Comment is not allowed.” not translated Buddypress Activity Stream -> %s added a %s and %s added %d %s not translated and much much more

How can i fix this!

I like your plugin and thought about buying the pro version to have all features, but it’s impossible to use the plugin if translation do not work fine. I can’t provide my users a mixture of german and english.

Thank you and sorry for my terrible englisch.

Hi @rainman566,

Most of the strings in rtMedia are translation ready. You can contribute into rtMedia translation and will be officially available in future update of rtMedia. Please check this documentation -> for more details.

Thanks for your answer. Not the translation itself is the problem. I finished my translation for the whole pot file, but the core of the plugin do not load this translations in some cases.

For example (maybe you can fix this in next update): If i upload some images directly from the media album, i will see in the activity stream from buddypress in the activity box the headline “username” added a photo … or “username” added 4 media …

1st: The plugin translate “added a” but not “photo” and not “media” … this looks very bad … one sentence in 2 languages!

2nd: “username” in the headline is not really good too, because buddypress uses the display or nicename and not the username in the headline of the activity boxes.

It is really very important to fix this, because the display of 2 different names in the activity for the same user, creates some confusion for the users, and 2 language in one sentence too.

Thank you

Hi @rainman566,

  1. We are looking into this issue, it will be fixed in future release.

  2. You may refer this link The name on activity (added X media) is a ID an not nickname


Have you found a way to fix that? I am having a similar problem here. What’s more, when a try to translate %s added a %s (singular) and %s added %d %s (plural) Poedit gives errors saying that:

Error: a format specification for argument 3 doesn’t exists in ‘msgstr’ [0]

And what is confusing is that, for this string above, the @rainman566 stated that the plugin translates the ‘added’ but not the word ‘photo’. Right now the plugin translates the photo but not the added part.

And also some of the translated text does not appear on the site.

Is there a way to fix that? The plugin is not usable if you provide half english and half the native language on the frontend.

I am using the latest version of rtMedia.


Hi @hfinn,

Can you specify in which language you are trying to translate rtMedia? These texts are translation ready and translation for them needs to be available for your language.

You can check the status of translated words for your language here :

You can always contribute to the community by providing your language translation for rtMedia. Here is an article which will help you to translate rtMedia into the language of your choice :

You can add missing translated words and it will be updated in next release. Hope this helps you. Thank you.

@pranalipatel I was expecting this default answer as it is the same answer you give to every topic or post that has the word “translation” in it. I appreciate your knowledge and everything but you should really read the question texts in a more comprehensive way. Otherwise it is a waste of time for you and the other side.

I will try to simplify it for you: It is not about the plugin being translation ready, I am aware of the pot file in the directory. But the problem is the plugin does not implement some “translated” strings into the website. For example; there is a string in the pot file “%s added %s.” When you translate it and upload to the languages directory, on the website you see the word “added” still stays the same as in English. So the above sentence includes two languages on the website, which is beyond absurd for the users. As you might understand, this problem has nothing to do with the plugin being translation ready. For some reason the web site does not implement some translated strings. This is problem number 1.

Number 2 is that when I try to translate %s added a %s (singular) and %s added %d %s (plural), Poedit gives an error saying that:

Error: a format specification for argument 3 doesn’t exists in ‘msgstr’ [0]

As a result I can not translate these strings.

These problems mentioned above are solely about the plug in itself. It is not about other plugins, codes or themes messing with the rtMedia. This is about rtMedia not being able to create a proper language translation system for the plugin. We have a saying in my country, “Managed to pass the sea, drowned in the river”. You manage to create one of the most useful plugins for buddypress but for somehow you can not make it with the translatable texts.

I am not looking for some translations for my language, I am able to make my own translations if you can provide me with a working translation infrastructure. And this should be rtMedia’s priority as it is solely the plugins problem. Right now I can not use the plugin since 2 languages in 1 sentence is not something I would like my users to see.


Hi hfinn,

This is Nitun from rtMedia team. Sorry if you felt we did not read your reply properly.

We were checking rtMedia translated strings on glotpress project and those strings are showing translated.

May be some of strings are not translation ready using php funtion hence poedit throwing that error.

However, I will be checking this issue with our developers on testing it and fixing it. If problem occurs, we will get it fixed and release the new version of rtMedia asap.

Sorry again for inconivience.



Hello @hfinn & @rainman566

We have released the new version 3.7.38 of rtMedia plugin. Can you please update the plugin and give a try for strings which are not translating?

Let us know if problem still persist at your end.