Translation buddypress media


We have a english website : and our client would ike to change some text. We found the .mo & .po file and changes some english words but in the frontend nothing changes. ( and rtmedia.po)

We would like to change the words :

Like Comment There are no comments on this media yet.

Coudl someone help us?

That's not how you can change the words. To change the text you can use filters.

There is no filter available for "Like" and "Comment". You can change them using javascript.

For "There are no comments on this media yet", there is a filter for this text rtmedia_single_media_no_comment_messege. Using this filter you can change this text.


Where and how do I use the "filters"?

The javascript part, is that something I can change easy?

Where do I use "filters"?

In your theme's function.php file.

How do I use "filters"?

You can check WordPress codex for how to use filters ->

For javascript, yes, you can do that easily. You just need to use jQuery functions to change text. For that, you need to add some extra code in your theme's javascript file.


Thanks, I will need someone to do this for us, translate the 2 words. Any sygestions?

You can hire a developer to do that. You can also contact here -> for any rtMedia related custom work.