Translating the privacy dropdown

Hi everybody,

I have been looking basically EVERYWHERE to find a way to translate the dropdown that appears when you choose to enable the media privacy for the posts in rtMedia for WP.

I am talking about the one in the picture. Could someone help?

Thank you.

Hi @wiredmark,

These privacy options are translation ready. You need to use buddypress-media.po file for the translation.

Could you please specify how you are translating strings and in which language you are facing issue?


I am using the Italian translation file. Everything is working and everything is translated except that dropdown. Are you sure in that .po/.mo files there are the following strings?

  • Private
  • Friends
  • Logged in Users
  • Public

Because I can’t seem to find them.


Hello @wiredmark,

Please find below stings into translation file and make sure they had been translated to the Italian language:

Private - Visible only to the user
Friends - Visible to users friends
Logged in Users - Visible to registered users
Public - Visible to the world

Thank you.