Transcoder - Not Working?

Wow… I am looking for an admin or a company representative to step in and just let me know if there is a fix or no? Should I stop using the transcoder and look for another resolve? I am not getting post thumbnails generated. Users are trying to upload content but if it is not working properly they leave and possibly never come back.

How can I skip auto image creation and just add my own images.

In other words - your transcoder is not working right… the paid or the free… any updates?

Hello @webworks,

The transcoder service should work fine. Could you please share the website URL where you are facing this issue?



The issue happens on my website as well as the demo site. I always check the demo site before I ask for help with regards to this topic. Please see the most recent videos loaded to the demo site where thumbnails are not being generated. If everything is working fine, I am maybe misunderstanding what the plug-in is supposed to do. It use to generate thumbnails for uploaded videos and now it does not.

Thanks for reply and for your help!


Thanks for the sample file @webworks.

I will check your query with the team and update you on this.

Regards, Pranali

Hello @webworks,

We checked our demo website but not able to regenerate the issue. Can you please give it another try by adding a new video and let us know?

We look forward to your reply. Thanks ,

Thanks! I see the demo site is working properly but my sites are not. Is there a way I can check the reason that neither the video or the thumbnail is uploading. Maybe it’s an issue with my hosting service? Thanks again for your help!

Hi, Is there some way I can check to see on what end I am running into an issue with regards to the transcoder converting videos and images. A Debugging Mode?

Thanks in advance for your help!