Too many cache options


Hi, I’m very interested in starting with EasyEngine on a Vultr server, just got some questions about the setup I should use. I use WordPress a lot, but I know little about how servers or how cache works, so when I get so many options I have no idea what to pick.

My setup will be WordPress Multisite on PHP7 with Divi theme for all sites, iThemes Security Pro (Do I need a Firewall plugin also?), BackupBuddy and whatever cache you guys recommend that works with the setup.

  1. About Cache: There must be one that is just better than the others. I see I can setup EasyEngine with WP Super Cache, W3TC, Nginx or Redis cache… Which one would you recommend for a multisite WP? If I choose WP Super Cache for example, that means the server will be setup for that and I can’t change the cache plugin? I was planning on using WP Rocket or even the new Hummingbird from WPMUDEV. Also, would Redis Cache/Nginx cache be replacements for the W3TC/WP Super cache or I can combine Redis Cache with another caching plugin?

  2. About PHP7 vs HHVM /Pagespeed Which one would you recommend here? Which one is faster/more secure? I think this has some relation with cache also.

  3. About Security I’ll probably be using iThemes Security Pro and BackupBuddy for all sites in the multisite, should I also use a firewall plugin like Ninja FireWall/Simple Security Firewall or others?

Thank you


I would be interested in this too. I have been using ee for years and still find this confusing.


Plus one for some guidance on this too please…


Not an easy answer. I try to figure it out for myself for quite some time now :smile:

There are lots of things that factor into it - with my tests - hhvm is quicker than php5 by a lot - and quicker than php7 by a bit. BUT it all depends on what you try to do - i suppose you are not going to fire another Facebook, so it may just be overkill for your site to use hhvm. I tried for a smaler website - and it will deffo sleep most of the time. On the other hand ee is a great tool to switch and flip it all over until you have the feeling your site runs best.

Comming to caching - you will use a cache, that is close to the best answer one (I) can give. I personally use w3 but i think any will do. Try to find the one YOU can setup and manage best. With the option ee gives you - there is no ‘wrong’ choice really. Again - you can flip and switch - best before your go into production :slight_smile:

Security itself has lots and lots of options - what do you try to achieve? Login Security -> get 2 factor. Beside that - put a propper firewall on your vserver.

Another thing - i used to use multisite - but no longer do so. Especially with ee it is so easy to setup a new site - and management wise there are better option than filling up your db with options :smile:

I do hope that helps a bit!