Toggle auto upload/ upload button

In the media uploader widget shortcode I would like to see an option to toggle the upload button on and off; if it is off, images that are dragged into the widget window are downloaded automatically. In most cases this is more user friendly than the extra step of clicking the button. Is this possible?

There is a plug in that does this in posts, called Magn Drag and Drop Upload that does this within posts. (this plugin was developed before Wordpress included its own drag-and-drop, and is no longer maintained, but it does exactly what I would like to see in the widget as an option)

But then you dont allow the 30% of mobile/tablet people to participate, of whom can not drag and drop. Just a thought.

Good point. (which I didn’t think of, thanks) But my idea is about eliminating the second step, not the first one. (on a phone, you would have the ‘select file’ button and after selecting the file, the upload would start automatically, you wouldn’t have to click ‘start upload’)

Now as I see it, this is very useful in situations where users want to upload one picture quickly after they have taken it, and less useful if users want to bulk-upload a lot. That is why I would like it to be a switch in the shortcode.

Hi @eyefly,

Yes, we are already working on elimination of ‘Start Upload’ button from user-profile and activity. The ‘select file’ button will be there for file selection as well as drag and drop will allow direct upload without clicking on ‘Start Upload’ button to save your time.

It is under development and will be available in future release !


OK, thanks, this is very good news indeed! Knowing you are working at it rescues me from hacking the code myself, probably only half as good as you do it. I’ll await the release…

@pranalipatel Please ask the developers to allow the Start Upload to be optional. With Pro, attributes CAN be set after upload, but most people dont do that unless they have a chance before dropping/selecting a file. Without attributes, their uploads cant appear in galleries that use the attribute to list content.

Or, an option for Pro to “auto expand” the choose attributes button on the uploader, instead of requiring that extra click to set attributes/categories.

I agree, this should really be an option, usefullness depends on the way users generally process media on the site. Imho the default should be ‘direct upload’ btw…

Hi @illusionsglass , @eyefly,

I will have a word with the team for the admin option as suggested by you guys and plan accordingly.

Thank you for the good inputs, i appreciate it :slight_smile:


Any news on this?

Hello @Vaclav_Greif,

We are working on this and we are planning to release it hopefully by next month.


I also need this toggle switch I would like to turn it of so members would have to click the upload button