Title missing under group albums


I need the filename to show underneath the file icon in group albums - is this possible?

So you need to show album title in group album gallery, right? If yes, please check in WordPress default theme, album title were already shown in album gallery.

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I need to show the name of the file e.g. kasper.pdf in the “all media” tab and “albums”

My site it will be mostly pdf files which will me shared and they at the moment just show as a icon. I would love it to be image of the first page of the file with a file name underneath it. That is what im trying to accomplish here :slight_smile:

rtMedia by default show media title under the media icon. Add following code in rtMedia custom CSS box in rtMedia admin settings. It will show media title again. It is hidden by theme.

.rtmedia-list-media .rtmedia-item-title {  
    display: block;  

Regarding document icon in media gallery, it is future milestone of rtMedia-PRO, as of now what you can do is set media thumbnail for documents manually. You can set thumbnail by clicking edit.

Thx Ritesh :slight_smile: