Tired of server optimizations. Is there a solution?

I’m running a WordPress blog on DigitalOcean $240 droplet. Used EasyEngine v3 to setup. The website is a local news site and gets around 5-6 million pageviews per month. I’m tired on constantly optimizing the server so that it performs the best. But all managed hosting plans are so damn expensive. Tried RunCloud assuming that their default server settings would be optimized, but they aren’t and had a really hard time.

So I’m back to square one now. Want to migrate the site to a new server with the latest stack and already optimized server & cache settings depending on the server resources. What do you recommend? WordOps, Webinoly, SlickStack, EasyEngine v4 or anything else?

I don’t want to keep tweaking nginx, php, php-fpm, reading up blogs on the internet and copy-pasting setting, meddling with pm.server settings, configuring my.cnf etc. Do these stack install scripts/utilities really install an optimized setup or it’s just a simpler way of setting up. Optimization is upto the user? Please guide.