Tiny tiny suggestion for comments



I surely know how busy you can be right now, so that’s why I’m asking for “just” an apply_filters on comments so we can manage ourselves the rendering of those!
(already in place for me but would love this to be official for upgrades ;-))

So in rt-template-functions.php, in the rmedia_single_comment function add a filter right before returning the html like:

$html = apply_filters(‘rtmedia_single_comment_filter’, $html, $comment);
return $html;

Based on this we’d be either able to simply edit the HTML or just use the DB return to start a full tuning (for example get user avatar from BP etc etc…)

Once again a huge thanks for your work and support!!!

P.S.: Attached is a screenshot of my result using such (still in progress ;-))

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Thanks a lot for the appreciation.
We will take your suggestion into consideration. Actually what we do is, first we develop a base and then start adding the required actions and filters when the need arises. Your suggestion sounds valid here.