Thumbnail sizes not saving correctly


Hey there,

I was changing the thumbnail dimensions in the rtMedia Settings in the wp-admin area and they do not make any changes in how images are cropped. I set the thumbnail sizes, uploaded a new image to my account on the front-end (in my profile), and then took a look in my FTP. I saw these sizes:

image-1024x512.jpg image-320x180.jpg image-840x300.jpg image.jpg (this is the original)

840x300 is the only one that reflects a dimension that I put in (this is the medium-sized image), but that was a prior thumbnail size that I used. The ones that I input before uploading the latest image was 200x200 for thumbnails, 0x0 medium, 0x0 large. (I wanted to test disabling thumbnail creation by setting 0 in the sizes, as Wordpress itself allows this).

The featured image size crops perfectly when opting to set a Featured Image in my profile on the front end.

-- This is using the latest WP, BuddyPress and bbPress, if that's a factor. Fresh install of rtMedia, somewhat fresh installs of WP/BP/bb.

Thanks for looking into this, and especially thank-you for this awesome plugin. There have been some problems, but seeing as how this is free, I can't complain -- I can only try and help by reporting any bugs.


And another issue – sorry, forgot to add this to my initial post: when deleting images from my profile (in my albums), it does not remove them from the server. This can lead to a lot of unnecessary file bloat.



We are looking into these issues.


I see that this was fixed for 3.0.4. Thanks for the quick fix!

I have a question, however. Are images that are uploaded through rtMedia supposed to make additional thumbnails based off of the Wordpress settings? I had thought that they would act separately – as I want Wordpress articles to use the native Media settings and then my BuddyPress profiles to use rtMedia’s cropping feature. As it is now, rtMedia uses both:

rtMedia thumbnail sizes:
image-200x200.jpg (thumbnail)
No medium thumbnail created (this is correct, set as 0x0)
image-1400x787.jpg (large, set as 1400x0)

Wordpress thumbnail sizes, used when uploading through rtMedia:
image-320x180.jpg (thumbnail)
image-840x300.jpg (medium)
image-1024x576.jpg (large, set as 1024x0)

All of these are added to each image that is uploaded via the rtMedia in my BuddyPress profile.

And if I upload an image via Wordpress’ Media in the admin section, I get all of those sizes plus the additional “Featured Image” size (1160x300 for me).

So that’s 6 image thumbnails for Wordpress if uploaded through Media and 5 image thumbnails for rtMedia, if uploaded via rtMedia (the featured image is created only upon setting an image as featured, which is perfect).

Sorry for the lengthy post, but I wanted to make it clear. Is this the intended functionality, and I’ll have to manually edit some things myself, or is this something that isn’t intended with rtMedia?

Thank you.


@Gshock we have fixed additional image size issue for rtMedia in 3.0.5. so for rtMedia images, there will be only 3 images.


Awesome, thank you!

As for the Wordpress side of things: is there something I can use in my functions.php to disable making thumbnails that come from rtMedia and only create what I have set in the Media settings?


@Gshock we already handled wordpress image size, for wordpress attachement it will not create rtmedia image size and vise-versa .

github commit


This is now working perfectly.


Ah, I may have spoken too soon. For some reason, rtMedia is now not creating any thumbnails after uploading the image (the Wordpress side is fine).

It does create the Featured Image thumbnail and stores it in the correct place (the month folder for the user that’s uploading), but that thumbnail isn’t used for the featured image. When I inspect the element, it’s using the full-sized image.

Could this possibly be because I upgraded to BuddyPress 1.8?


Oops, we found that issue. We’ll fix it soon.


@gshock - This issue has been resolved. Update to the latest version of rtMedia and check.