Thumbnail sizes issue


I have found that rtMedia is creating the correct image sizes, but the blog is not accessing them. So they are the wrong size in the thumbnail gallery, and also in the thumbnail that should be displayed in the sidebar widget. My WP images settings for size are the same as rtMedia's, but when WP calls for a thumbnail, it's showing a larger image, and not one that's square.

Thank you for any updates with this issue!


@fromtheheartstamps - By default rtMedia does not create size registered by WordPress and the same vice-versa. Hence when you try calling the thumbnail for the rtMedia uploaded image it shows the full size image. We have handled it this way as lots of unnecessary images are created otherwise.

You could change the rtMedia photo thumbnail size in the rtMedia settings and use 'rt_media_thumbnail' size to get the desired output.


Thank you! Now I see that the rt_media_thumbnail is an option in a drop down menu in the Featured Post Widget I was using. And with your information, I should be able to fix my gallery problem.