Thumbnail customization: backbone_template function


I'm customizing the album thumbnails using the templating system. All works as expected until I create a new album. In RTMediaAJAX.php, the backbone_template function calls media-gallery-item.php to display the new album (and any existing albums) after the media upload, thereby clearing all of my album thumbnail styles. This poses a problem for me since I dont want gallery item thumbnails to be styled the same as album thumbnails. Is there a way I can I override the backbone_template function to use album-gallery-item.php instead that will be upgrade safe? If this function is only used during album creation would you guys consider making it a permanent change?



Hi, Thank you for pointing out this problem. We have looked down into the issue and confirmed it. Though in the current version of rtMedia, it is not possible. We have fixed the issue and it will be released in the upcoming version of rtMedia.



Awesome. Thank you!