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I just installed BP Media and the image thumbnails come up rectangular how do you repair the thumbnails, everything else seems to be working fine.

scrrenshot attached


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The thumbnails are generated according to your wordpress thumbnail settings at wp-admin>>Settings>>Media. So, you'd have to fix the thumbnail dimensions there.

As far as the existing ones are concerned, you can regenerate the thumbnails using after you have set up the new sizes.



hi there,

tried that and it didn't work, have a look



here's the link straight to the media page


hello anyone there, have a fix for the plugin????


Hi Alex,

The images showing up at the wrong size is a plain css issue. The gallery is marked up as a list item, which contains a link (<a href...), inside which sits the image which is 155px X155px ,as you have intended. You can check this by inspecting in Chrome's developer console or Firefox's firebug. Now, this nice little list item has got a fixed dimension of 150px X 35px. Beyond that, it doesn't like showing the image.

Now these preliminary checks, are something we would like you, to do first, before raising a ticket.

Kindly understand that this is an open source plugin and we are really hard pressed with the resources and time to solve issues that aren't related to the plugin.

So, as is the case with most open source projects, we like a little patience and/or a few pre-checks before we can solve issues. Kindly give us the time, considering the time zone difference, to get back to you in any case.

Finally, do keep reporting any further issues. We might take a little time, at times, but we'll definitely get back to you. In case you'd need priority support on any site of yours, please consider contacting us commercially.



hi @alexpthorn, We are closing this issue as your issue has been resolved and we didn't hear anything from you recently. please visit our support forum for any rtMedia related issues.