Theme error

hi rtcamp

any suggestion about this error? i just purchase and download inspirebook but its doesnt work

please help urgent

is there anybody here that can help?

Hello Calvin_Liem,

It seems that InspireBook theme is not installed properly, Can you please delete, reinstall it and check. If you are still facing issue after reinstalled I will need your WordPress details so I can debug the exact issue.


yes i tried installed many times download fresh from here and install again this is what i do

  1. change theme to default buddypress theme
  2. delete inspirebook theme
  3. download fresh
  4. upload to wordpress theme
  5. activate inspirebook

result is still the same… error but i have previious inspirebook that i saved… its older version i guess i installed it and use it… it works perfectly… maybe the in rtcamp myaccount download page is corrupted

sorry double post what do you mean by wordpress details??

i use uptodate wordpress verssion 4 what more detail?


I need WP Login details with admin privileges of your site.


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hi how do i send my password to you this will be visible to all the user

helo i want you to check this theme in my website i upload it to my localhost its working good but in my website its doesnt work

Hello Calvin_Liem,

You can send me Login details via email at


i have emailed you my detail login and password

Hello Calvin_Liem,

I have checked your site and it works perfectly at my end.

If you still facing any issue regarding InspireBook theme, reply back with some description about that issue.


i just figure that out myself and fix that

but still i have some issues… inspirebook cant embed video but if i change to default buddypress theme its works fine can you take a look at that

and also my site is slow with rtmedia plugin on i have inspirebook and rtmedia pro enable

if i disable rtmedia and rtmedia pro the site is faster any thoughts?

Can you share that link with me where you embedded video?

For slow running site: You can check with other plugins disabled and also check for WordPress errors.

its in activity profile and in side-wide activity you have my login details

how do you check for wordpress errors? but i dont think its a wordpress error, because when i enable buddypress default theme the embeded code working just fine if i use inspirebook the embeded video wont show

thanks please reply opsss still eror iguess

oppp collapse menu did working now

and i want to know how do you change the language inside? edit .pot file? which one the inspirebook.pot or buddypress.pot