Theme conflict

My theme has a Colorbox lightbox technology baked into it, and because of that, i can’t get your lightbox to work on my pictures.

Is there a way around that or is there a way i could make navigation arrows on the pictures when not using the lightbox.

Would prefer to use your plugin with lightbox, so hope you have a fix for that

Hello michael,

I am sorry to say but we do not support other Lightbox plugins. May be you can contact your theme developers to help you out with disabling their lightbox for rtMedia images as there are some settings in lightboxes ( not sure if your theme lightbox has ) which allows you to specify elements for which lightbox should not open.

If that is not possible with your case, you can checkout this link to navigate through single Media item without the rtMedia lightbox activated :

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could you then please reopen this topic:

Need help on where to insert the code

Opened that topic. :)