The upload media option is covered


The upload media option is covered by currently uploaded media. I cant upload media as a new user, but I do have some screen shots.


Hello @fullmoonfriday,

Which theme you are using? We are not clear about your issue. Can you provide more detail? Also, attach screenshot if possible.

Thank you.


Hello. I have since updated to lates version which has resolved the issue.

I have found the images are not shown when selected. Except when they are selected to be edited and Image is selected. Are the editing tools still meant to be available when edit is selected? I can no longer see them.

I am also trying to move the tab in the menu. I am using the commands in bp-custom and can move all other tabs into the order I wish. But using ‘media’ doesnt seem to allow me to move the tab to where I wish. Should I be using something else?



Hello @fullmoonfriday,

Glad to know that latest update solved your previous issue.

Can you please attach screenshot of the issue you are facing with image selection & edit media? We are not able to clearly understand the issue.

To reorder media tab you can refer to this document

Thank you.


I am unable to send screenshots, I am a new user apparently…It wont let me upload here


Regarding the picture editing, the modify image button is not available on mobile screen. Any reason for this?



The Tab Re-order has worked. Frustrating to think that I will have to alter a separate file to the rest of the Tabs though.



I would like to add a title above the Media Privacy Setting check box, I find it isn’t quite clear enough. How would I go about doing this in the easiest manner? I have thought about using the label and changing the Title of the select box, but I would prefer a separate heading for the box. To make the check box go full width too with css would be nice. I have tried, but it seems to be using the media button to control its width, which is confusing me.



Bump. I cant add screenshots. Please allow.