The status of EE and Version 4.0

I have been using EE for like 2 years now and I find it extremely useful and time saving. I appreciate the project very much but lately it seems it has stagnated. The last commit in GitHub was months ago and it seems that installation on a fresh install on Ubuntu 16.04 and Debian 8 will not work out of the box. You need to fiddle under the hood a bit which kind of defeats the whole purpose of easy to install. What is going on? Is the project abandoned? What happened to V 4.0?

I know this is a free thing and I have no right to complain but it seems the rhythm of development has changed from what it was before (python days) and we have not yet had a single PHP release.

What are you talking about?

I setup new Ubuntu 16.04 servers on a daily basis and never had any issues.

I just tried to do so on an OpenVZ box running Debian 8 and then Ubuntu 16.04 both failed when I tried to run the command:

sudo ee site create --wpsc --php7

Never heard of any issue after installing EE. I must be missing something.

Let me spin an Ubuntu 16.04 right now and show you the logs. Should take about 30 mins. This is a pristine server with nothing on it mind you.

I have completed the test run and here is a screenshot of what I get.

Upon examination of the error logs the problem is quite apparent. We have Apache installed by default which is hardly surprising but the docs do not make mention of this fact at all. On Debian 8 it seems there is a conflict between the version of Nginx that EE wants to install and the one in the repositories. In both cases this is a speed bump. These are not end of the world problems but show there has been a decline in commits.

In any case updates were a regular feature in the past now we are stuck at the current version. May be I am checking the 4.0 tree wrong but it seems the last commit was many months ago. Hence the question: What is going on? You will find similar questions to these on the issues tab of on GitHub.

If you have Apache, it is not a pristine server. :slight_smile:

I agree, we don’t have any news regarding EEv4, and this is uncomfortable.

I know but its quite common for some providers to do this and I am worried n00bs might find this confusing. I am really worried about this EEv4 thing never panning out. rtCamp guys seem to be awfully busy these days.