The rtMedia PRO License Key has not been activated

Hallo! I am a user of pro version of rtmedia.I bought it about 21 feb 2014. But now, after updateing the plugin, the rtMedia PRO License Key has not been activated. Where I can find License Key? And now I am not premium user. Is premium less then one year?


You can find the license key in my-account section here

For more details about license key please read here

Let us know if you have any other doubts or questions.



Thank you. I have activated the license. It is necessery to deactivate and activate PRO plugin. And what about premium user? Now I am a basic user. (

Hello @supergrower

The license key is useful for future update only. If user who don’t have key on website, they can’t get future update of any products.

And, yes its necessary to deactivate/active plugin to update license key. There is some issue with woocommerce api which we are using, that will get fixed soon. Sorry for inconvenience.